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So far, tens of thousands of sets of equipment and production lines have been provided to customers at home and abroad, which have been widely used in manyfields and are well received.

Non-metallic Minerals

In the field of non-metallic minerals, EPIC will provide you with more options. Including ball mill and classifier system technology, jet mill technology, impact mill technology, and other different methods for Non-metallic minerals processing, which can realize processing for a variety of different materials of Non-metallic minerals. And the surface modification technology can achieve the highest coverage rate with the least modifier.

Processing materials

In the field of Non-metallic minerals, we can process these materials:Bentonite,Heavy calcium carbonate (non-metallic minerals),Calcite,etc.

Battery Material

After continuous research and development, EPIC has a complete set of battery material processing solutions and equipment. It can meet the complex process requirements of battery material processing, including dust-free feeding, magnetic separation, powder transportation, crushing, ultra-fine grinding, metering and packaging, automatic batching, intelligent control and other integrated design of powder process technology.

Processing materials

In the field of Battery material, we can process these materials:Li2CO3,Single crystal ternary,LFP (lithium iron phosphate),etc.


With the implementation of the new version of GMP, the pharmaceutical industry has put forward higher requirements for production equipment. EPIC closely follows the development needs of the pharmaceutical industry and jointly develops solutions with pharmaceutical manufacturers. While realizing the aseptic production line environment, it also guarantees the product temperature, fineness and safety to a greater extent and other important indicators.

Processing materials

In the field of Medical, we can process these materials:Paracetamol,Aspirin,Ibuprofen,Amoxicillin,etc.

Fine Chemical

EPIC has more advanced technical experience in fine chemical grinding and crushing. Using ultra-fine powder technology, the raw materials can be easily processed, and the size of the material particles is from 2μm to 2mm. This greatly improves the utilization rate of materials and effectively improves production efficiency.

Processing materials

In the field of Fine chemical, we can process these materials:Magnesium hydroxide,Hypromellose,Nitrocellulose,Aluminium hydroxide,etc.

Food/Health Products

Food is closely related to human life and health, and belongs to the “big health” industry with the pharmaceutical industry, so higher requirements are placed on production equipment. EPIC introduces advanced design and production concepts in the pharmaceutical industry to provide industry-leading solutions for food companies.

Processing materials

In the field of Food, we can process these materials:Pectin,Rice flour,Matcha,Pea,Starch,etc.


With the improvement of living standards, the usual single color can no longer satisfy people’s increasingly critical eyes. After years of practice, EPIC has independently developed a set of ultra-fine grinding technology that can meet the grinding requirements of most pigment and dye materials, which not only improves the quality of the product, but also saves time and labor and greatly improves production efficiency.

Processing materials

In the field of Pigment/Dye, we can process these materials:Quinacridone,Reactive dye,Titanium dioxide,etc.

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