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Do you understand the jet mill?

jet mill

Everyone is talking about the jet mill, and everyone is using air flow pulverizers, but do you understand the jet mill?

A jet mill is a device that uses high-speed airflow to crush materials. It has the advantages of high crushing efficiency, low energy consumption, and low noise. Its working principle is that the material enters the crushing chamber through the feed port. At the same time, the high-speed airflow is ejected from the nozzle of the crushing chamber to form a high-speed airflow beam so that the material is subjected to strong impact and friction under the action of the airflow beam, thereby being crushed into fine particles.

The main features of jet mills include:

  1. Wide scope of application: Jet pulverizer can be applied to various materials with different properties, such as brittleness, toughness, fiber, etc., and materials with different hardness.
  2. High crushing efficiency: The airflow pulverizer uses high-speed airflow. The material is subject to high-intensity impact and friction in a short period, thereby obtaining an efficient crushing effect.
  3. Controllable particle size: The airflow pulverizer can precisely control the particle size of the material by adjusting the parameters of high-speed airflow and the classifying wheel’s speed.
  4. Large output: The output of the jet mill is large, which can meet the needs of large-scale production.
  5. Low energy consumption: The airflow pulverizer uses high-speed airflow for pulverization, with high energy utilization and low energy consumption.
  6. Low noise: The crushing process of the jet pulverizer is carried out in a sealed crushing chamber, which makes less noise and causes less environmental pollution.

However, jet mills also have some disadvantages and limitations, such as:

  1. High requirements on materials: A jet mill is suitable for materials with different properties, such as brittleness and toughness, but for materials with higher viscosity, the crushing effect may be poor.
  2. Difficulty in operation: The operation process of the airflow mill requires precise control of the airflow parameters and the material’s particle size. The operation is difficult and requires professional maintenance and operation.
  3. High equipment cost: The jet pulverizer has a complex structure and is difficult to manufacture, so the equipment cost is high.
  4. Large wear and tear: The high-speed moving parts in the airflow pulverizer are prone to wear and tear during long-term operation and require regular maintenance and replacement of parts.

To sum up, the jet mill is an efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly equipment, mainly used for crushing materials. Although it has some shortcomings and limitations, it is still widely used in many fields.

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