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How to solve the problem of stuck feeding system of ultrafine grinder

ultra-fine grinder

The solution to the stuck feeding system of the ultra-fine grinder includes the following steps:

  1. If the feeding system is stuck, you must first check whether the equipment is faulty. This includes checking whether the blades and screens are normal, whether there are foreign objects in the rotating parts, etc. If any abnormalities are found, corresponding repairs or replacements are required.
  2. In addition, check whether the raw materials are too large. Suppose it is found that the feed raw materials are too large. In that case, selecting a suitable particle size for the raw materials is necessary to avoid excessively large particles entering the equipment and causing blockage.
  3. During the processing, attention must be paid to controlling the feeding speed of raw materials. If the feeding speed is too fast, it may cause the equipment to be overloaded and cause material jamming. To avoid this situation, feeding in batches or slowly and gradually can be used to control the feeding speed.
  4. Also, residues and debris inside the equipment must be cleaned regularly, such as feed powder, screens, blades, etc. This can ensure the smooth flow of the equipment and, at the same time, clean the screen and blades in time to avoid excessive blockage and material jamming.

Checking and operating according to the above steps can effectively solve the problem of the stuck feeding system of the ultrafine grinder.

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